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Royal Huisman

  • Project 392

  • Project 393

  • Project 392

  • Project 392

  • Project 393

Latest News

Royal Huisman announces new orders
Sep 19th, 2011

Royal Huisman is delighted to announce not one, but two important new projects in collaboration with the renowned Dutch naval architect Andre Hoek. Hoek and his design team are responsible for the exterior styling as well as the naval architecture and, together with the yard, the structural design of these projects.


Yard number 392

46m/151ft (52m/171ft LOA) Classic Pilot Ketch

This plumb-bowed Classic Pilot Ketch has been highly optimised for performance. Her long waterline, lifting keel with trim tab and carbon spade rudder are complemented by a powerful, fully-roached sail plan supported by a complete carbon fibre rig package. Intensive CFD tank and wind tunnel testing is already underway as Hoek Design seeks to leverage its extensive knowledge of such projects to fully realise speed and handling potential.


Fine exterior lines and proven sea-keeping characteristics will combine with luxurious and spacious accommodation to create an exceptional yacht with the ability to go anywhere in comfort, style and security. Serious attention will also be given to achieving high levels of energy-efficiency in developing her systems, with an equal commitment to maintaining a design aesthetic that faithfully acknowledges her sailing forebears. A unique interior design will be crafted by the equally renowned Redman Whiteley Dixon design team. Material selection will be based not only upon design aesthetics but upon the inherent potential as a renewable resource.


With this project in its design infancy, the yard looks forward to presenting future updates through to her 2014 delivery. The owners project management will be undertaken by Prior Yacht Management, with the Monaco office of YCO overseeing contractual and operational matters.


Yard number 393

48m/156ft Classic Sloop

The owner of this project was drawn to the Hoek Design team by its reputation for creating modern classics and, more specifically, by the traditional concept the team proposed for this project. Not satisfied with these factors alone, the client drove the design with added developments and refinements to the hull lines of this impressive sloop to reflect the specific objective to enjoy cruising as well as gentlemans racing.


Her elegant hull shape, counter stern, sloping deckhouses and numerous other traditional features speak of civilised and leisurely sailing in a romantic former era. Yet her moderate draft underwater lines, cutter carbon rig and efficient sail handling systems will be extensively optimised for performance Project 393 will be more than capable of holding her own in the present day.


With naval architecture from Hoek Design and a magnificent interior to be conceived by Rhoades Young Design, Project 393 with owners project management by MCM (Newport) has the credentials to make her mark wherever her ocean tracks may take her.


Further details of both exceptional projects will be released at www.royalhuisman.com as they progress through the more detailed phases of development.




Established in 1884 and bestowed the Royal Warrant in 1984, Royal Huisman is a highly respected, family-owned, custom yacht builder. The yard is proud of its Dutch maritime heritage; its ability to push the boundaries of new technologies, systems and processes; and its understanding of the harsh marine environment in which these innovations must perform.

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Why Build in Holland?

Taking delivery of your own custom superyacht and sailing her to the destinations of your dreams ranks as one of lifes most fulfilling experiences. And with the right choice of yard and location, the process of building her can come a close second. Building a fine custom yacht takes time, so it is time that should be enjoyed to the full participating in the realisation of your dream, building relationships with the people who bring that dream to life and, at the same time, discovering the cultural and environmental riches of the country of build.

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Recognition of Excellence - Every good custom yard seeks to achieve the highest standards but, ultimately, it is not the yard but industry peers owners and industry professionals who determine if and when such pinnacles of ambition have been achieved.

The Royal Huisman team are well aware that they are only ever as good as the next yacht they build. Yet they, and prospective owners, can certainly be reassured by the verdicts of the industry ...

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Superyacht refit, repair and renewal, re-defined by Royal Huisman.

Through the Huisfit programme, Royal Huisman standards of expertise and craftsmanship are as accessible for refits as they are for new builds. Whether modern or classic, sail or motor, all Huisfit projects benefit from the same passion for perfection backed by over 125 years’ experience, a choice of refit locations and exceptional service and facilities for crew and project managers.

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Huisfit goes from strength to strength

Apr 23rd, 2015

2015 has got off to a flying start for Huisfit with three prestigious projects approaching completion for delivery this spring and other yachts in the pipeline for next winter season...

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The creation of an exceptional custom yacht demands vision, understanding and outstanding professional competence - from naval architects, stylists and interior designers, among many other disciplines.

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Occasionally there is an opportunity to gain first-hand experience of these fine yachts through charter; very occasionally there is an opportunity for a yacht to acquire a new custodian. Read more


Charter guests: 10
Length over all: 90 m

(not for charter to US residents while in US waters)

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Length over all: 42 m

(not for sale to US residents while in US waters)

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Alice Huisman
Ronald van Hulst

Royal Huisman Shipyard B.V.
Flevoweg 1
PO Box 23, 8325 ZG
Vollenhove, Holland

T: +31 527 24 3131
F: +31 527 24 3800
E: yachts@royalhuisman.com

Michael H.F Koppstein
Royal Huisman USA

68 Frazier Pasture Road
PO Box 2268
Ogunquit ME

T: +1 207 646 9504
F: +1 207 646 9687
E: mk@royalhuisman.com


Bart Kimman, Northrop & Johnson
Hong Kong
E: hk@royalhuisman.com

Rene M. F. Ho, Martello Yachting
E: china@royalhuisman.com


Interested in working for one of the worlds finest custom yacht builders? Do you have talent, specialist skills and experience, a commitment to perfection through uncompromising standards and the ability to teamwork?

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Access our secure media content and receive downloads.

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Wisp wins again !

May 9th, 2015

Wisp wins the World Superyacht Awards 2015 - Sailing yacht above 45m category. Designed by Hoek Design and Rhoades Young, project magement by Nigel Ingram and delivered by...

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Royal Huismans purpose-built 30,000m2 facility houses an extraordinary array of talent and expertise, equipment and infrastructure, all focused exclusively on the build and refit of the finest custom yachts

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To build custom yachts that consistently, according to research, rank as the worlds finest requires a special approach.

Intelligent Engineering is a unique blend of expertise, infrastructure, internal and external skills, forged together through proven processes, to achieve outstanding teamwork, flexibility and standards.

The result is an organic structure that can expand, flex and enhance its specialist capability at all times an intelligent organisational design to meet the most diverse challenges.

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Royal Huismans leadership in custom yacht building derives from its own unique structure and team culture. Managing Director Alice Huisman, who represents the fifth generation of family ownership, is clear about priorities.

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Intelligent Engineering is a highly evolved process to bring together, in the most productive manner, the best people, facilities and systems to build the finest custom yachts.

But this is still only part of what makes a Royal Huisman yacht so special.

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The yard has maintained its edge, not by focusing on past successes, but by constantly striving to innovate and improve the way its yachts are built and operated. Energy efficiency, space optimisation, glass cockpit controls, advanced power generation and management systems are just a few examples

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Boat Internationla Brasil
September 2014

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2014 has been a busy and exciting year with two deliveries in rapid succession. A cruising yacht has hit the water in October. With a trio of new build deliveries over the past 12 months one might expect to see some empty looking building halls in Vollenhove. Yet, .

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News magazine

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Royal Huisman - Caribbean
By Superyachtmedia

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Royal Huisman believes in judging its performance against independently-researched owner and industry opinions.

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Its the attention to detail and quality of engineering that make
Royal Huisman special.

Huisman owner
The bestno competitionno question.

Superyacht magazine editor
Number one for sailing yachts, by a mile.

Superyacht captain
The realisation of a dream. Royal Huisman makes peoples dreams come true but the finished yacht far exceeds our very highest expectations.

Huisman owner
Like a fine musical instrument, immaculately crafted.

Naval architect
How do I know their after-sales service is good? Because crews sing their praises.

Superyacht owner
Theyre clearly not in it for the money thats secondary to the
pride in the engineering.

Huisman owner
You need to inspect their boats very closely to appreciate exactly how good they are.

Superyacht owner
Top of the quality league; technologically at the cutting edge.

Broker / project manager
You might get something that looks like a Huisman boat,
but it won't be a Huisman boat.

Huisman owner
The Rolls Royce of sailing yachts.

This yard is magnificent: Crme de la crme. Bullet-proof. Unassailable.

Superyacht magazine editor
From a quality standpoint, and a technical standpoint, nobody betters them.

Marine surveyor
After-sales service extraordinarily good, very diligent, customer-loyal, exceptional.

Huisman owner
The most important of all the things they do well,
better than any yard, is to look after their clients.

Project manager
Wonderful, wonderful craftsmen you can conceive of it,
but they can actually realise it, however challenging.

Naval architect
They create works of art, theyre not afraid of anything you bring to them. Very few people in the world, in any discipline, can do this.

Huisman owner


Royal Huisman is proud of its Dutch maritime heritage and ofits tradition of excellence, based on a passion for perfection that has underpinned the yards approach to boat building ever since it was established in 1884.

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To fully appreciate what it means to own a yacht crafted by Royal Huisman you need to speak with a Huisman owner, to sail aboard their yacht, to experience their experience, and then to begin to imagine

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Browse YACHTS for descriptions, data, photos, sail and deck plans of the Huisman fleet. In CONCEPTS youll find three stunning pre-designed and engineered packages. Interested in acquiring or cruising aboard a Royal Huisman yacht? Select PRIVATE CRUISES & SALE. At HUISFIT you will find a comprehensive overview of recent refit projects.

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In the few years since the yard formalised its leading-edge refit programme, many fine custom yacht projects have been secured and delivered. Take a closer look at the interesting diversity of projects, challenges and work undertaken through Huisfit

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The Royal Huisman fleet offers an elegant commentary on what can be achieved and what has been achieved to realise the individual visions of adventurous, aspirational and visionary owners. Take your time for a truly fulfilling browse of some of the worlds finest custom yachts

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Dubois Cup

May 28th, 2015 - May 30th, 2015

Royal Huisman is delighted to participate as a Gold Sponsor of the 4th Dubois Cup, to be hosted in the magnificent setting of the Yacht Club Porto Cervo in Sardinia and sailed in the stunning turquoise waters...

Royal Huisman is present at various events & exhibitions.

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To commission a Royal Huisman yacht is to become part of a special family. Fellow Royal Huisman yacht-owners, their naval architects and designers, captains and crew, and the team at Vollenhove all form part of the extended, yet exclusive, Royal Huisman community.

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Elfje and Wisp bring in the results in their race debuts

Mar 22nd, 2015

Racing their yachts alongside those of their peers in open competition has always been a source of intense satisfaction for many Royal Huisman owners...

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Elfje and Wisp win three awards in Austria!

Feb 24th, 2015

2015 introduces the sixth edition of the ShowBoats Design Awards where an array of coveted golden Neptune awards was presented. On February 24th the winners...

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