Best of both worlds: performance and comfort


Best of both worlds: performance and comfort

Introduction by Bouwe Bekking, professional race captain and 8x Ocean Race competitor:

“Royal Huisman’s Featherlight TM is a tailor made  program, which combines the best of both  worlds: performance and luxury. Weight and  performance are undeniably linked in yachts – more  of the first means less of the other. Excess weight  impacts on the speed and handling of a yacht.  

So why is “lightweight” not at the top of every yacht  owner’s wish list? That is because materials used  to achieve weight reductions are widely associated  with a lack of comfort, noisiness and vibrations,  added expense and the absence of sustainable  qualities when building a new yacht.”

Project 405 is based on Royal Huisman’s FEATHERLIGHT TM


FEATHERLIGHT TM is a design and engineering  methodology aimed at providing a lightweight  aluminium construction from the outset. Its result isn’t  a conventional superyacht relying on compromises to  achieve a degree of weight reduction, but a purpose- driven effort to make the yacht truly as light as possible, and recapture any vantage that composite hulls might  have, whilst benefiting from using aluminium.

FEATHERLIGHT TM comprises the leading-edge  weight reduction knowledge that Royal Huisman has  accumulated over recent projects, and adds the very latest intelligence and resourcefulness. If you would like  to know more about Royal Huisman’s Featherlight, please contact us for a tailor-made presentation.

Bouwe Bekking, professional race captain and 8x Ocean Race competitor

The construction of Royal Huisman Project 405 aka “Reichel / Pugh – Nauta 154” is based on the FEATHERLIGHT TM method developed by the shipyard, to make her extremely lightweight due to the optimal use of the materials that the Royal Huisman team knows so well, complemented with extensive Finite Element Analyses to ensure the very best blend of “proven” and “cutting-edge”, and with target performance, excellent racing properties, and sound ocean worthiness all thrown into the mix as well, she is on course for greatness.

Mario Pedol, of Nauta Design says: “To combine comfort and safety to explore the world with an extremely lightweight yacht to be competitive to carbon composite superyachts in regattas wasn’t an easy task. Our early intuition was that an aluminium construction sailing yacht could be much lighter than the existing aluminium fleet. Royal Huisman supported this vision with enthusiasm and accepted the challenge. Extensive research work and calculations, confirmed our initial thought.”

Turning the feather

The lightweight construction of the 46.82m performance cruiser, Royal Huisman’s project 405 aka Reichel / Pugh – Nauta 154, employs the shipyard’s new “Featherlight” method which combines the best of both worlds: performance and comfort. Read more about “Turning the feather” on this website: follow the links to NEWS > ANNOUNCEMENTS [click here for a link]