22 May 2020
News update from Royal Huisman & Huisfit

SPRING 2020: Working during Covid-19  – New build update  –  Safe haven Amsterdam  –  Announcement Peter Naeyé  –  Refit good, Huisfit better!  –  Hanuman returns / Owner Jim Clark comments  –  Radical motoryacht PHI  –  And much more…

Dear Friends of Royal Huisman & Huisfit,

Amid a shared global challenge to adapt to a new perspective on the world, Royal Huisman and Huisfit have elected to present this latest edition of the inhuis publication in a digital format, to allow all friends and followers access to our news, wherever you are. In these unchartered waters that the worldwide community has sailed into, we hope this inhuis finds you and your loved ones in good health or in the process of a speedy recovery, and we wish to send words of strength and encouragement to anyone personally affected.

As we are composing this edition, the Netherlands are in what is referred to as an “intelligent lock-down”, a measure that allows us to continue working at our shipyard locations in Vollenhove and Amsterdam…

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