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Despite the high loads, the gigantic mainsail and blade headsail can be hoisted and sheeted within a few short minutes. In Silent Mode they can even be launched without starting an engine.

APEX 850 will quickly gather pace up to and beyond the prevailing wind speed and can easily reach speeds way in excess of 20 knots. The helm stations provide a clear line of sight over the low profile deckhouse, allowing the helmsman to navigate the yacht safely through mooring areas and scattered islands. APEX 850 is immensely manoeuvrable under main and blade jib and can even be tacked by the helmsman alone.

In the open sea, APEX 850 will sustain fast cruising speeds with comfort and security, thanks to her deep keel and optimised fore and aft weight distribution. Those fortunate enough to experience the exhilaration of sailing aboard this ocean giant as she cuts a perfect wake through tropical waters, will come away with memories to last a lifetime.

And, at the end of a blistering downwind run, who would not be lost in admiration to see a 2800 m2 / 30,138 ft2 code sail smoothly spilled of wind and drawn below decks without a hint of drama. On a giant spool, the sail is automatically ready for its next launch.

It becomes evident that the most important intricacies of this yacht reside not in her unparalleled lifestyle features and amenities but in the form and function of her use. APEX 850 naturally embodies unprecedented levels of modern luxury living. But her sailing prowess and the experience for those aboard while underway will always be paramount.