Royal Huisman s/y Aquarius Launching Photo-Shooting

Palma de Mallorca, July 2 - 5 / 2018

© Carlo Baroncini Photography


The clear choice when only the finest will do

The creation of the rig and sailing systems for a mega yacht of the power and scale of APEX 850 calls for the very highest level of expertise, innovation and experience. Rondal – sister company to Royal Huisman – is by far the world’s most experienced and innovative composite mast and rig builder for sailing superyachts. With over 30 years’ design and build evolution, Rondal is the go-to provider of composite masts, booms and rigs for the world’s largest and most sophisticated sailing superyachts. Rondal has brought together a formidable team of experts from across the disciplines (within its own team and among industry partners) who work efficiently and knowledgeably together to develop the most advanced solutions, whatever the challenge.


From the very start, Rondal determined to build masts more smartly – in one piece rather than by joining two. This out-of-autoclave process enables ultimate shaping and strengthening refinements, with a profile uniquely optimised to each project. There has never been a Rondal mast failure. Rondal also led the way in the development of in-boom furling, introducing numerous operational advantages whilst also pleasing owners and designers with its ‘style-to-order’ boom profiles. Rondal captive reel winches, offering lighter, faster and more reliable operation, are another example of a restless drive for continual improvement.


Integrated Sail Handling Systems

With its broad range of expertise, it is natural that Rondal became an early developer of complete rig packages. These interface spars, rigging, winches and sailing hardware in a configuration expressly designed for each project. The benefits include ease of sail management, optimal ergonomics for efficiency and safety, plus, of course, the durability and reliability for which Rondal is renowned. The package also benefits from a strong emphasis on aesthetics, with the styling and execution of every detail in harmony with that of the yacht’s overall theme – an important factor on a project as style-conscious as APEX 850.

Details that count

With Dutch engineering precision, Rondal offers a sophisticated high-end aero package that optimises the balance between strength, stiffness and weight and reliably delivers within defined weight targets. The identification and suppression of potential vibration and harmonics from the rig are another example of a comprehensively professional approach.

Rondal has regularly partnered with CarboLink for its superior high-performance continuous standing rigging – a strong collaboration made yet stronger when viewed as part of Rondal’s wider design and engineering team. This comprises a wealth of hands-on America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and Grand Prix sailing experience as well as exceptional strength in depth from leading design engineers, consultants, sailmakers and academics. All of this is backed by Quality Assurance in collaboration with Dutch Aviation & Aerospace Centrum (NLR) and Airborne Advanced Composite Manufacturing by Automation.