Experiencing the experience

Sailing a Royal Huisman yacht is an experience like no other, and the ultimate expression of personal freedom. Whether you’re the one at the wheel – benefitting from its performance, handling and balance in demanding conditions – or the one delighting in its finish and comfort at an idyllic anchorage.

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Royal Huisman s/y Aquarius Launching Photo-Shooting

Palma de Mallorca, July 2 - 5 / 2018

© Carlo Baroncini Photography
SEA EAGLE II - byTimMcKenna431-1477c2res

Small but important details of design and construction reveal themselves over time and affirm value of engineering that is inherent in every Royal Huisman yacht. Please enjoy the embedded video slideshows showing various exterior and interior details.

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Attention to detail, in every detail: the more one looks the more one will see.


The engine rooms are equally state-of-the-art and every yacht’s beating heart, certainly for the engineer.

Here, Royal Huisman turns designing and engineering the available space into an art form with surgical precision, to achieve the highest standards – and if this art cannot be seen by the casual observer, it can certainly not be heard, either, thanks to Royal Huisman’s famed attention to noise and vibration suppression.

The levels of both noise and vibration are reduced to (almost literally) unheard-of levels, whilst the board systems are engineered to provide the highest levels of performance, and deliver with assured reliability.

J Class Hanuman interior
Engine room, Interior of Wisp, a 156 foot (48 meter) sailing yacht built by Royal Huisman and designed by Hoek Design.

And the experience does not stop there. Acquiring a Royal Huisman yacht means investing in a unique relationship with the “Royal Huisman family of yachts”, and other Royal Huisman owners.

Whether enjoying likeminded company at events and regattas, or seeking advice and support from the far side of the world: that relationship will enrich your ownership over the long term.

A Woman Stands Silhouetted By Tropical Sun on the Bow of a Superyacht

And should you ever decide to sell your boat, the new owner will be pleased to step into that special relationship as well. The new owner, to whom at some point you may well have replied: “It’s a Royal Huisman!”

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388 Kamaxitha 04_deck 14re silken_2012-03-27-1073-final

Taking on the world

Many Royal Huisman yacht owners are actively involved in global sailing. These images show just a few of the thousands of adventurous ocean miles undertaken by Royal Huisman yachts in recent times.

For example, the owners of Antares have been exploring the Indian Ocean and Pacific: please enjoy the photos in the article “Taking on the world: Antares” on this website: news > inhuis stories & updates [link]

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p16-17 sec Athena_Julian HorsleyIMG_4284
p16-17 sec Ethereal_byIsaacJohn etherealdeckshotwhale
Kamaxitha corysilken_2012-03-27-0049_resize
Royal Huisman - photo by owner TWIZZLE at anchor in front of limestone rock Asia c
Hyperion - Norway photo by Daniel Rawlins DSC_0495
Juliet photo from Vanuatu taken by the mate Sam Strivens c


More and more superyacht owners have come to recognize that the thrill of the regatta circuit, coupled with the relaxed social ambiance they can enjoy ashore with fellow owners, guests and crew at a regatta makes the perfect complement to their ocean cruising itineraries.

p18 Bucket sec1 left Aquarius-StBB19-MichaelKurtzPantaenius_SB 19 AQUARIUS 20c
382 Meteor DSC05820_resize

Bucket regattas

Royal Huisman was an early supporter of the original Nantucket Bucket regatta in 1986 and has continued to support the Bucket Regattas in Newport and St Barth’s ever since.

In 2014 Royal Huisman teamed up with regular supporters to acquire the Bucket Regattas and so to secure the relaxed, owner-focused culture of these special “industry supported” events for the long term. Read on and see more at “St. Barths Bucket Regatta: in pictures” on this website: news > inhuis stories & updates [link]

p18 regatta sec1 Hanuman and Js CarloBorlenghi-StBarths-Bucket17cb-08235
p18 regatta sec2 Hanuman-Carlo Borlenghi StBarthBacket13cb_1235

Regatta succes

Some yachts are conceived with the strong desire for fast passages and podium places. Royal Huisman is no stranger to delivering the lightest, most luxurious and reliable yachts, with fast and efficient sail handling systems to suit the individual owner’s brief.

Regatta results and sea-kindly ocean cruises – proving time and time again that you can, “have your cake and eat it”. Some examples can be found on this website: yachts > regatta success [link]

p18 Bucket sec4 CarloBorlenghi-StBarths-Bucket17cb-09699
p18 Bucket sec3 MichaelKurtzPantaenius_SB 19 Sunday 87

At your service

Royal Huisman’s dedicated service department is on call to advise on operational and maintenance issues, supply parts, and dispatch engineers to any part of the globe. With detailed data and images of every stage of the design and build process at their fingertips, the team truly is a “rapid response unit”.

This high level of service supports future owners of the yacht, too, enhancing resale value and providing invaluable advice, information and continuity to new owners and their crew.

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RH magazijn - Henk Schra c

Palma service hub

The team of Royal Huisman and refit division Huisfit also rely on their Mediterranean service hub, Palma-based P&G Yachting, renowned for their bespoke support services to the yachting industry.

For Royal Huisman it was an obvious choice to become a shareholder in 2017. P&G offer expert services, maintenance, spare parts supplies and support to all superyachts, backed by the team in Holland. Read on about “P&G Yachting” on this website: news > inhuis stories & updates [link]

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