The family-operated Huisman yard built all kinds of wooden workboats when it was founded in 1884. Fit for purpose and value for money. But in the 135 years since, another aspect to boat-building gained importance: innovation.

Some innovations were relatively small-scale; others were industry-trendsetters, such as the introduction of leisure sailing craft in the 1920s and the pioneering use of aluminium in the 1960s and 1970s for yachts and race boats. Those times have long passed, but innovations (and quality) have remained the backbone of Royal Huisman’s success.

Over the years, innovative solutions were developed in the field of construction, deck and anchor equipment, comfort, hull appendages, propulsion and energy systems, rig and sail handling. Royal Huisman’s design and engineering skills ensure that there is always the potential to improve efficiency, reliability and operational speeds, to save energy, cost or weight. “If you do not question, you cannot progress”, so we invest substantially in R&D, materials research and lean manufacturing techniques.

Some of our innovations are individually modest yet collectively significant. Others, such as our pioneering work in “featherlight” hull construction and in hybrid energy generation and management systems have re-shaped industry practice…