A great start to the festive season: the team of Royal Huisman is pleased to announce the official delivery of PHI.


A great start to the festive season: the team of Royal Huisman is pleased to announce the official delivery of PHI.

Her innovative exterior lighting, powered by lasers, marks the stunning features of what is the world’s longest motoryacht – by far – in the sub-500 GT category. There is no doubt that PHI will turn heads wherever she goes, as her spectacular design is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on all who catch sight of her.

PHI is a 58.5m / 192ft magnificently sensuous fast displacement motoryacht, with exterior design from the drawing board of Cor D. Rover; interior design by Lawson Robb, and naval architecture by Van Oossanen Naval Architects. From the outset, the brief for PHI was clear: her very experienced and visionary owner wanted a scheme that was complex, layered, intellectual and brave, woven together by a narrative that can be shared and discovered as you move through the yacht: an interior as never seen before.

Her owner was also very clear about another aspect. “Two boats are better than one,” and this is why PHI, on her travels, will be accompanied by PHI Phantom, a shadow vessel which carries the same DNA as her bigger “beauty queen” sister. As a result, PHI is free to offer significantly more exterior and semi-interior entertainment area on the aft deck than conventional designs. The upper deck is entirely dedicated to the owner’s penthouse. A lot of precious extra premium space: Guy Booth, the owner’s representative of PHI, estimates that PHI would need to be a 90m / 295ft project in order to facilitate the same configuration if on board a single yacht.

Engineering and building PHI’s sleek, low hull and superstructure profile appeared well outside the comfort zone for some yards. But Royal Huisman had already delivered over thirty low-profile and unique, award winning sailing superyachts, so was not intimidated by the prospect of fitting the required complex motoryacht systems and technology into the streamlined envelope of this yacht. The Royal Huisman team has all the knowledge and experience at hand to explore, develop and optimize the ideas of the owner, designers and architect into tailormade solutions and, truth be told, delighted in the challenge to create this breathtaking yacht!

PHI’s innovative exterior lights – powered by lasers – were jointly developed for PHI by Royal Huisman and Apart from being a magnificent feature that will create great interest wherever PHI chooses to display it, the system throws practical benefits into the mix, as well. It leaves no unsightly gaps (as do the more common LEDs, which are more prone to failure, also) and is maintenance friendly. Exterior laser lighting is set to be the next trend in lighting and is part of the wide range of innovations available to Royal Huisman clients.

The delivery of PHI marks the beginning of a great adventure for her owner, family, friends and crew – and of the shipyard’s new role as a provider of services, assisting the crew as they continue to familiarize themselves with this unique motoryacht. Jan Timmerman, CEO of Royal Huisman, says: “The delivery is a moment of great pride for our team. It is also bittersweet, having to say farewell to PHI, as her creation has been part of our daily lives for several years. At the same time we know that PHI and her shadow vessel will conquer the oceans. We wish PHI’s owner and everyone onboard fair winds, following seas and a great experience – as enjoyed onboard every Royal Huisman superyacht.”

Honorary water by Port of Amsterdam following the recent delivery of PHI

The English press release with editor’s notes can be found via the following link: click here (opens in a new tab).

“If the world hadn’t been as it has been for the last two years we would have delivered on the very day Royal Huisman told us three and a half years ago – on time, and on budget.”

Guy Booth, owner’s representative and project manager of PHI, during The Superyacht Forum 2021

PHI: turning heads

In pictures: trials for Royal Huisman project 403, the 58.5m / 192ft motoryacht PHI, under power and turning head. See much many more images at this website: News > Announcements [click here]

PHI and the Golden Ratio

PHI is a magnificently sensuous motor yacht from the drawing board of Cor D. Rover, who has based the general concept, exterior design and interior layout on many in-depth conversations with the owner over a period of years. Relating inside and outside to the ”sectio divina” or the Golden Ratio, PHI is the formula that governs the continuation of dimensions and shapes in natural proportions throughout the design. Read much more about PHI’s design philosophy in the press release “PHI: the world’s longest motoryacht below 500GT” at this website: News > Announcements [click here]

Complementing motoryacht PHI will be a 36m / 118ft shadow vessel, PHI Phantom, which is constructed at Alia Yachts

“PHI would need to be a 90m project in order to deliver the same functions onboard one yacht”

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“Just take a look at project 403, PHI, and our current motoryacht project 406, a unique 52m / 171ft sportfish yacht. The individual aspirations and challenges of each of these projects were seen to be well outside the comfort zone by some yards.”

Jan Timmerman (CEO Royal Huisman)

Read more in the annouoncement dated 22 July 2021 “PHI is ready to shine” at this website: News > Announcements [click here]