Visual previews - Editor's notes of press release "Destined for global stardom":


Visual previews - Editor's notes of press release "Destined for global stardom":

Above: design mockup
(getting it right) and reality.
Removable grabrails in between the
transom and cockpit to guarantee safety
of guests and crew: never more than
two steps without a grabrail

Above: some examples of Royal
Huisman’s Featherlight
Finite Element Analysis
modelling enabled selecting
various construction materials
(like carbon for watertight bulkhead)
and adjust Alustar plate
thicknesses and frame spacing
to maximize hull stiffness
while minimizing total displacement.

Above: the Panamax
carbon mast (62.5m / 205ft)
with curved spreaders. It is tapered
in two directions at the top,
a small refinement that saved
50kg / 110lbs, but weight saved
in a very significant place.

Above: weightsaving twin anchor
system with GFRP chainlockers
and titanium swing over arms.
Note the interconnecting
carbon bars of the hatch
(manual central locking system) 

Above: mockup and reality.
Sun loungers transform
into chaise longue that adjust
according to the yacht’s heel
up to 25° – 30°. A feature planned for
comfort even on long range cruises.

Above: Rondal created a range of
custom carbon fiber gear
including the forepeak sail drums

Above: rethinking the mast base
and integrating the halyard
turning blocks and their jammers
into the mast collar lightened
and simplified the deck construction

Above: traditional running backstays
are replaced with locks
– this by owner request.
The arrangement saves
1,200kg / 2,645lbs
over the typical arrangement
utilizing captive winches below deck
and three to four cubic meters
of volume in the lazarette.

Above: twin rudder steering system.
Jim Pugh of Reichel/Pugh: “Sailing Nilaya
in Palma was impressive,
seriously amazing performance
for a superyacht. While we sailed in
only in sub 10 [knots] TWS,
it was remarkable how responsive
Nilaya was. This yacht is going
to turn some heads wherever she is,
but particularly at the Bucket.”

Editor’s notes:

  • The owners’ brief
  • The transatlantic crossing: in pictures
  • Design is all about details and problem solving
  • Design mockups: getting it right
  • Harnessing the wind
  • Expanding Rondal’s role
  • Amping up auxiliary power
  • The infinite uses of finite element analysis
  • About Royal Huisman
  • Main specifications

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