An attractive (and possibly even better) alternative to large motoryachts


An attractive (and possibly even better) alternative to large motoryachts


Two of the world’s ten largest sailing yachts, ATHENA and SEA EAGLE, are Royal Huisman builds. Currently “under construction”,  Project 410 and Project 411 will join the top 10 upon delivery. And a number of breathtaking concept designs such as the world’s largest sloop APEX 850 and the dyna-rig LOTUS are also eager to contribute to this list. Designed by internationally renowned architects and the shipyard team, these concepts are unique examples of what can be realized.  Royal Huisman is at home with any style and any design: classic, contemporary, timeless schemes, combined with dyna-rigs, single mast, wing sails, a three-masted arrangement – created by your designer of preference: start dreaming, because we love to build it…

The next Royal Huisman supersized sailingyacht will be a fitting match in the world’s top 10; possibly even becoming the largest in this elite circle. She will join the existing Royal Huisman-built, thoroughbred “supersized sailboats”, and, as every Royal Huisman yacht benefits from knowledge gained during previous builds, she would be the finest yet.

79m / 206ft Schooner ATHENA (90m / 295ft including bowsprit)


In general, the comfort of motoryachts is mostly enjoyed by their owners while on “location A” or “location B”, such as a pretty marina or idyllic anchorage. Sailing yachts provide the same enjoyment, but are also much (more) fun while travelling from “A” to “B” or even reach remote corners of our beautiful planet.

They offer the stimulating experience of seeing the sails hoisted and catching the wind, and the slender bow cutting through the waves to pick up speed. Even those who are not keen on heeling angles, will be pleased to discover that new technologies exist to reduce lateral movement and heeling angle substantially.

In addition to the thrill of sailing and the satisfaction of Royal Huisman’s bespoke quality, future owners will also enjoy the “green footprint” of their yacht and the significant efficiency advantage of free propulsion power (the wind!).

APEX 850


Last but not least, “energy-neutral”-mode will prove a much-appreciated feature: spinning the propellers to generate more than sufficient electrical power for all board systems such as air conditioning, and for re-charging the batteries to enjoy “silent mode” while at anchor.

For some, these features might sound like uncharted waters that require a lot more development, but not so for the shipyard. Royal Huisman pioneered hybrid propulsion with the game-changing ketch ETHEREAL (the world’s first hybrid superyacht) in 2009, and has since continued to refine its technological lead in some remarkable projects.

Video about Project 4000, Sea Eagle and Vollenhove: home of the world’s finest superyachts


Jan Timmerman, CEO of Royal Huisman: “Sustainability is crucially important for all of us and for future generations. Yacht owners and the yachting sector obviously want to play their part by reducing environmental impact and by limiting the use of valuable natural resources. It is a fact that the level of achievement resulting from these efforts can vary greatly. At Royal Huisman, we know that some owners positively encourage their design and build teams to make a difference by, for example, making their superyachts more efficient, or by applying renewable energy sources.

Propulsion by wind will always beat energy consumption onboard motoryachts, even when great reductions in fuel consumption and other efficiency gains are achieved. In addition, wind energy is ‘free’ – of charge, of fumes, and of noise. And driving is great fun, too…!

Video: supersized sailing yachts by Royal Huisman:
an attractive (and possibly even better) alternative to large motoryachts


Unlike most shipyards, Royal Huisman has been building vessels with sails since it was founded in 1884. As a result of this long history our team benefits from an immense accumulation of experience and expertise. We have readily joined forces with highly knowledgeable owners such as Bill Joy, who provided valuable input and encouraged us to take big steps towards the delivery of ever-increasing efficiency. His yacht, Ethereal, was the world’s first hybrid superyacht (delivered by Royal Huisman in 2009) and she remains a fine example. More recently, the owners of Foftein and Juliet decided to convert their yachts to “hybrid”, to benefit from the advantages of being ‘energy neutral’ and ‘future-proof’.”

WING 100


Contact the specialists at Royal Huisman to discover the possibilities for future-proof sailing yachts. We are happy to recommend input; and share expertise and experience. Obviously we would be thrilled to welcome you for a tour at our shipyard, so you can experience the unique benefits of the purpose-built facilities of Royal Huisman (and sister company Rondal).