Installation of the ‘Big Fisher’ superstructure prepares the scene for the ‘theatre of the ocean’


20 June 2022
Installation of the ‘Big Fisher’ superstructure prepares the scene for the ‘theatre of the ocean’

Monday 20th June saw the completion of another major step in the build of Project 406 – a magnificent 52m / 171ft six-deck, true sportfish superyacht, set to become the world’s largest – when the main superstructure was skillfully lowered onto the hull by overhead cranes.

The carefully planned installation of the decks took place inside Hall 2 at the shipyard’s headquarters in Vollenhove and was attended by the owner’s team, naval architects, designers and specialist consultants alongside the team from Royal Huisman.

Preparation and fit-out of the remaining four decks of this amazing vessel is now underway. In parallel, the shipyard continues working on the board systems and other technical installations. The work includes innovative features and components, such as laser-powered exterior lighting. Everything will be brought together to complete the perfect fit in the period leading up to her launch in 2023.


Even in the exceptional world of superyachts, Project 406 stands out as a unique vessel. Not only will she be the largest but, without doubt, the most luxurious, finely appointed, meticulously engineered and impressive sportfish yacht anywhere in the world – with all the amenities expected of a superyacht. Her design is extremely distinctive, with a long bow and high bulwarks sweeping through a clear sheer to a low and uncluttered cockpit aft. The high tower offers outstanding views with a downward angle on the water for specialized fishing.

Project 406: the world’s largest true sportfish yacht in the making


Apart from its practical function, the tower also offers a superb viewing platform for guests, who can follow all the action below. And a further element of surprise: a Sky Lounge that offers an impressive view at the daytime theatre of sportfishing. By night, the Sky Lounge provides the relaxed ambience and stunning outlook of the skies. Where else in superyachting might you expect to find that?

The low, open, and uncluttered aft cockpit of Project 406 is close to the water and facilitates access to gear and clear sight of the catch as preparations are made to land it.



Vripack Yacht Design Studio are responsible for the project’s naval architecture, as well as the dramatic exterior and yet-to-be-revealed interior design. Royal Huisman is the superyacht builder with a very capable and innovative engineering and production team well suited to delivering such an unique project. The shipyard team has worked together with the owner’s representative and his other team members which include: Bush & Noble for expertise on sportfishing and classic yacht forms; Hampshire Marine for the day-to-day technical aspects at the shipyard. Strong cohesion and co-operation among these key players is well established – a clear indication of Project 406’s continued smooth progress towards the fulfilment of her owner’s aspirations. The project is markedly set to be a truly iconic yacht upon delivery.

Production flexibility

A shipyard team of over 300 individual experts with an extraordinary array of talents and expertise means that Royal Huisman can carry out much of its engineering and production work in-house. Yet, to achieve fast, cost-efficient and optimally coordinated production, flexibility is vital. A good example is Project 406’s now fitted Alustar® aluminum superstructure. Its specification was prepared and detailed by Royal Huisman’s engineering departments. Its production was outsourced to one of many highly qualified co-makers, demonstrating collaboration and efficiency in action to meet key client objectives.

“Royal Huisman has built its reputation by fulfilling the most ambitious and challenging dreams of its clients,” commented Royal Huisman CEO Jan Timmerman. “We create yachts of extraordinary individuality, with unrivaled levels of craftmanship and reliability. So it is a privilege to be selected by the owner’s team to realize this unique sportfish superyacht. We look forward to our next meeting when we celebrate the launch of the finished product. Project 406 will be another masterpiece of creativity, innovation and expertise. And always, uniquely, an individual Royal Huisman motoryacht.”

Main specifications of Project 406

Type: Sport Fish Yacht | length overall: 52m / 171ft | exterior, interior design and naval architecture: Vripack Yacht Design | owner’s representative: Pascarelli Consulting working with Bush & Noble, Hampshire Marine and Aqua Marine | builder: Royal Huisman | hull & superstructure: Alustar® aluminium

The theatre of the ocean

Most yachties will be familiar with the excitement of landing a large ocean-going fish when on passage. The ‘what have we got?’ moment when the rod tip bends and line is dragged off the reel, the intake of breath as the fish breaks the surface to reveal its type and size, the tense thrill as it is carefully maneuvered aboard (or the anti-climax as it breaks away!) and, finally, the anticipation of the wonders the chef will create tonight with the sea’s finest fresh offering. For sportfishing enthusiasts, the emotions are similar – only much, much more passionate!

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Unique and flexible
The “invisible assets” of Royal Huisman are the expertise and experience of its team, which consists of more than 300 people with different skills, languages and nationalities, all sharing the same passion for perfection and innovation. Each employee is proud to work at the shipyard, creating some of the finest superyachts on the oceans. All that is needed to develop and create your superyacht dream can be found at Royal Huisman. Capacity-wise, the shipyard is now more flexible than ever before… Read on in the article by following the links on this website to News >  Inhuis stories & updates [click here]

A tradition of excellence since 1884

Royal Huisman’s headquarters in Vollenhove are located at the historical coastline of the former inland sea, “De Zuiderzee”. Building vessels for local fishermen was the core business for decades when the shipyard was founded.

On the waters of this sea, Huisman-built fishing craft would operate in all weathers to prove their reliability.

Reclaimed land, the Noordoostpolder, now occupies much of that sea area although a canal remains. But that connection with sturdy fishing vessels and the challenges of the sea will always be part of Royal Huisman’s DNA.

Unique motoryachts
without compromise:
Royal Huisman

The shipyard’s reputation has been largely built on a superlative portfolio of thirty-plus unique and tailor-made, low-profile sailing superyachts, but the legendary passion for perfection, expertise, quality, experience, flexibility and continuous innovation is not limited to these… Keen to learn more? Read on in the article “Unique motoryachts” at this website: News > Inhuis stories & updates [click here]