It has been our motto for many years, but remains as valid now as it was then. Royal Huisman has the confidence and capability to build any yacht for you – from classic to contemporary to cutting edge, from motor yacht to Bermudan rig to full-rigged schooner.


Being entrusted by an owner to turn his or her dream into reality is a moment of great pride for Royal Huisman and its employees. It makes the shipyard’s team very aware that they have been asked to create something truly special – a yacht is a matter of the heart and not just a means of transportation.


The launch of a Royal Huisman custom yacht is always a moment of great pride, it is the beginning of a wonderful adventure for the owner, family, friends and crew. For the shipyard-team the same moment is however bittersweet, having to say farewell to a yacht which creation has been part of their daily lives, but at the same time knowing that the yacht is leaving to conquer the oceans.


The Royal Huisman team is never complacent about such success – they never forget that it only lasts until the next boat. Acknowledgements by independent expert juries help to provide an objective measure of achievement.


Some yachts are conceived with the strong desire for fast passages and podium places. Royal Huisman is no stranger to delivering the lightest, most luxurious and reliable yachts, with fast and efficient sail handling systems to suit the individual owner’s brief.

Regatta results and sea-kindly ocean cruises – proving time and time again that you can, “have your cake and eat it”.


When the late Wolter Huisman was asked if the shipyard could build a certain type of yacht, his answer was immediate and very clear: „If you can dream it, we can build it“. Sometimes however, even dreams need a little inspiration.


Most superyachts from the Royal Huisman fleet are for private use only and are enjoyed ‘to the max’ by their Owners, families and friends – who sail them throughout the years on stunning locations all over the world. Only very few of these pedigree yachts are occasionally available for charter and an equally small number come up looking for a new Owner.

Yet, chartering is popular among those who may wish to experience sailing aboard a Royal Huisman yacht, simply to enjoy the charter or perhaps as a first step towards owning a superyacht. Others are actively seeking a Royal Huisman pedigree yacht to acquire, and have an interest in a particular yacht.