Our heritage

Founded in 1884 Royal Huisman has evolved from “local builder of wooden workboats” to being the multiple award-winning creator of some of the finest superyachts in the world.

The path to perfection

The path to perfection has been a passage through hard times as well as good.

Here is a brief overview…

1884 The beginning

Jan Huisman founds the yard at Ronduite to build small wooden workboats and fishing boats. Some still meet for a Huisman rendezvous to this day.

1930 The big decision

The Afsluitdijk dam is about to enclose the Zuiderzee. Brothers Jan and Jacob decide to focus on wooden sailing yachts instead of fishing boats.

1954 The arrival of steel

The young Wolter Huisman discards wood in favour of steel. Two steel motor yachts are soon followed by the successful SY Beulakermeer.

1964 Aluminum takes over

The shipyard moves on, pioneering the bending and welding of aluminum for the construction of hulls. The Avenir series results, rapidly selling 15 yachts.

1971 The move to Vollenhove

The shipyard moves for access to deeper water and space to expand.

1978 Whitbread success

Connie van Rietschoten’s S&S-designed maxi Flyer demonstrates Huisman quality and reliability in the harshest ocean test. In 1982, Van Rietschoten won again with the Frers-designed, Huisman-built Flyer II.

1981 Stepping up a gear

The decision to switch from large racing yachts to larger, more luxurious performance yachts such as the well renowned Huaso and Belle Fontaine.

1984 Centenary celebrations

The Huisman shipyard receives the “Royal” warrant in recognition of its 100 years of quality and excellence – an accolade that is earned, not given.

1997 Carbon composite components

A new production facility is commissioned, marking the introduction of a new construction material and a wealth of fascinating possibilities.

2009 Royal Huisman 125 years

This anniversary is celebrated with the opening of a new and further extension to the facilities in Vollenhove

2014 Corporate strength, family values

Affiliated with Royal Doeksen, another Dutch maritime service organisation owned and run by the fourth generation of the same family, a powerful synergy is created which recognizes the importance of family values and the dedication to quality and service.

2019 Amsterdam location

The shipyard facilities are extended to the Amsterdam region. This second location for Royal Huisman serves as an addition to the existing headquarters in Vollenhove.

Parallel tracks

In the great theatre of global history, 135 years may appear to be no more than the closing lines of a single act. But extraordinary changes have taken place since one Jan Jans Huisman began boatbuilding in 1884. Read on at this website: news > inhuis stories & updates > parallel tracks [link]