APEX 850



The APEX 850 mega sloop is one of the most exciting concepts the yachting world has ever seen. Dramatic in scale yet elegant in appearance, the 85 m / 279 ft APEX features a mind-blowing 107 m / 351 ft rig, qualifying as both the world’s largest sloop and the world’s largest aluminium sailing yacht. She will effortlessly join the top ten largest sailing boats.

Inspirational design from celebrated naval architect Malcom McKeon and innovative engineering from Royal Huisman have resulted in a fully-resolved concept for a mega yacht that is bold and ambitious enough to comprehensively redefine on-board lifestyle and sailing experiences.

Just add the refinements that express the vision and creativity of an inspired owner and she will be ready to commence construction. Once on the water, the world will look on in awe.

“Two of the world’s ten largest sailing yachts, ATHENA and SEA EAGLE II, are Royal Huisman builds and APEX 850 would make a fitting third, easily becoming the largest member of this elite circle.”


The innovators behind APEX 850 – Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design and Royal Huisman – come with a pedigree that hardly needs introduction to followers of the world’s leading super-sailing yachts. Enjoy watching the video with the designer’s and builder’s comments.

Technically, APEX is a fully resolved concept as you can see via the links below. Yet there remains extensive scope for an Owner to incorporate their own ideas and apply their creativity to realise a personal vision for APEX 850. The Malcolm McKeon / Royal Huisman team are ready to discuss your ideas and help translate them into reality. As we like to say at Royal Huisman: “If you can dream it, we can build it”.

Just ask us about the possibilities.


There is an amazing, stereoscopic Oculus 3D virtual tour exclusively available to prospective Owners. The depth of field and quality of presentation offered by this technology provide the viewer with the most extraordinary, fully immersive, experience of being aboard the world’s largest sloop.

A preview can be found via the online 360 VR tour: click here.