At the World Superyacht Awards in Florence, longstanding and loyal Royal Huisman client, Dr. Jim Clark, received...


15 May 2016
At the World Superyacht Awards in Florence, longstanding and loyal Royal Huisman client, Dr. Jim Clark, received...

…the prestigious Legacy Award for his outstanding contribution to the superyacht industry.


Jim Clark has built three innovative and highly celebrated custom yachts at Royal Huisman: the sloop Hyperion, the three-masted schooner Athena and the Super-J Class Hanuman. Each project was bold, individual, and exceptional; each charged with the same drive for innovation and challenge.


“I realised that I wanted something like Juliet. It was built by Royal Huisman and my first choice was to go there and talk to them.” 

From Dr. Jim Clark’s Legacy Award acceptance speech


Hyperion required the tallest one-piece carbon spar built to date, as well as the most sophisticated alarm monitoring, control and navigation systems the industry had ever seen. Athena incorporates numerous advanced features, including the sophisticated hydraulic systems developed for fast and efficient management of her huge sail plan.

The Super-J Hanuman project sought to take performance to an entirely new level, the sophisticated rig/aerofoil design being a particular focus of Jim’s quest for perfection.

And, while not a Huisman build, we cannot ignore Comanche. The Sydney- Hobart line honours winner and world’s most advanced 100ft racing machine is yet another example of how Dr. Jim Clark never does anything by halves.

Inspirationally as well as technologically, these projects have made an immeasurable contribution to the superyacht industry. Yet they are only part of the story. Jim Clark also achieved high academic distinction, created globally successful businesses and is well known for his philanthropy and commitment to marine conservation.

Presented by Alice Huisman, the Award is well deserved. Dr. Clark’s friends and admirers throughout Royal Huisman are delighted to join in the congratulations.

Main image: Athena at the San Francisco America’s Cup (below) and one of her classic staircases as well as Hyperion and Hanuman:

BoatInternational.com: The Neptune was presented by Alice Huisman, of yard Royal Huisman, which has worked with the software mogul for over 20 years and built three remarkable superyachts with him. “Jim’s boldness and love of innovation, his challenge and motivation mean that every yacht he has created has been a masterpiece of its genre,” Alice said. “His impact on our entire industry – inspirationally as well as technologically – is without equal”

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