The shipyard

Home to the world’s finest superyacht building

Royal Huisman employs a team of over 350 highly motivated and competent people, from skilled craftsmen to expert concept designers, with extraordinarily diverse experience and capabilities, working at facilities for custom builds in Vollenhove.

For some years now, the shipyard facilities have been extended to the Amsterdam region. This second location serves as an addition to the existing shipyard, with a focus on Huisfit projects.

Royal Huisman Vollenhove

Headquarters, total area 30,000 m2 / 322.900 ft2

Be prepared for an interesting walk – it’s quite a shipyard. There are five main shipbuilding halls, together with numerous individual facilities for  carbon composite construction, interior, painting and systems engineering, mast construction, hatches, deck equipment, hydraulics and much more. All purpose-built and superbly equipped to give some of the most talented people in the industry free rein to create some of the finest superyachts on the oceans.

“Only a sailboat builder has the know-how and ambition to execute miracles on a square inch.” These are the words of designer Cor D. Rover responsible for project 403, motoryacht PHI. Read on about “Unique motoryachts by Royal Huisman” on this website: follow the links to News > Inhuis stories & updates [click here]

The area around Royal Huisman in Vollenhove is among the most picturesque in Holland with a wealth of scenic and cultural attractions: Urk, Schokland, Giethoorn (including 2-star Michelin restaurant & lodge De Lindenhof), Blokzijl and much more. Watch the video on the left to be inspired. A very special part of Holland. All this and fine yacht building, too.

You have decided to commission the construction of your new superyacht. Now, you need to decide who will build this ultimate dream for you. There are many factors to consider, and three that stand out are: quality, location, and culture. Read on about “Why build at Royal Huisman?” on this website: follow the links to News > Inhuis stories & updates [click here]

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Sailing punt on Beulakerwiede Ton Schulten 8091393351_4e4874c488_o kaart
Schokland kaart

Royal Huisman Amsterdam

Total area 12,000 m2 / 129.200 ft2

  • Facility for Huisfit projects located in the heart of the Dutch maritime services cluster: dense network of partners and suppliers
  • Non-tidal location with convenient access to North Sea
  • Three heated main halls for length up to 68m / 223ft
  • Berthing at deep water quay for in-water-work
  • Located just 20 minutes from Amsterdam city centre and Schiphol airport
  • Crew accommodation with offices, houses and apartments at the shipyard
  • Access to highly regarded services, expertise and innovation of Rondal (Royal Huisman’s sister company): rigs, deck equipment, composites and much more

Learn more about the Huisfit solutions, skills, references and facilities in Amsterdam at [click here]

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VdST TRop 21 TOPAZ_resize
jpgAtlantide details
Foftein propulsion liine by Huisfit 869-04BF06-14c
Broadwater post-Huisfit 2019-2020 - photo by Charl van Rooy _7657_resize

An exclusive, virtual tour

During times of restricted freedom of travelling it is a challenge for clients, captains and representatives to visit the facilities where Royal Huisman thoroughbreds are birthed, and to explore where Huisfit caters to the existing superyacht fleet.

As an alternative the team is now offering an exclusive digital shipyard tour, on which your host will take you along the various inhouse places of interest on both locations.

An attractive and more time-efficient solution for existing clients (who are interested in re-familiarising themselves) and new clients (keen to “experience” before committing to start a new project), alike.

Be prepared for an interesting “walk” – it’s quite a shipyard. Two locations – Vollenhove and Amsterdam – with purpose-built facilities spread over an area of respectively 30,000 m2 / 322.900 ft2 and 12,000 m2 / 129.200 ft2: well-organised, efficient and clean.

Enjoy a tailor-made private digital viewing: your host can show you either all, or specific aspects, to provide a condensed overview, or to explore all facilities in great detail. As always, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements for future projects: please contact the team to schedule your private, virtual tour.

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Royal Huisman project 406 - photo by Tom van Oossanen DSC_8322c_resize
E D RH Amsterdam 16x9

Stopover in Amsterdam

A stunning summer cruise in the northern cruising grounds? Amsterdam is very suitable for a short stopover (and combined with support by Huisfit, if needed).

As a change from the Med and the Caribbean, the Baltic and Norwegian Seas as well as Scotland offer a fantastic diversity of deep water ports and cruising grounds, steeped in history and tradition, cloaked in natural beauty, basking in warm temperatures, steady winds and long hours of daylight.

All of this maritime magnificence is easily accessible from the facilities in Amsterdam, offering you a very special integrated refit-and-cruise plan. More information, examples as well as three introductory cruising options can be found via this direct link to the Huisfit website:

Yacht Wisp cruising the Geirangerfjord, a 156 foot (48 meter) sailing yacht built by Royal Huisman and designed by Hoek Design.
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The perfect combination 

Royal Huisman & The Netherlands

The perfect combination:

  • Royal Huisman: 42,000 m2 of purpose-built superyacht construction and refit facilities
  • The Netherlands: 41,526,000,000 m2 of rich and diverse cultural attractions

Read on about “The perfect combination” on this website: follow the links to News > Inhuis stories & updates [link]

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WhybuildinHolland-Rijksmuseum 10. Night Watch Gallery (1) 16x9_resize
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