Today’s hull turning of Royal Huisman project 408, Aquarius II, in Vollenhove: home to the world’s finest superyacht building.


27 March 2023
Today’s hull turning of Royal Huisman project 408, Aquarius II, in Vollenhove: home to the world’s finest superyacht building.

The 56m / 184ft world cruising ketch Aquarius is ‘close to perfect’: her owners simply want a larger yacht – and even more impressive performance. It is a great compliment when owners value the experience of their yacht so highly that the only material change they want is to build a larger version, with exactly the same team. Yet that is the story behind the decision of the experienced husband and wife owners of the world cruising ketch Aquarius (Royal Huisman, 2018) to create a stunning new 65m / 212ft ‘big sister’, Aquarius II:

Seemingly a wide stern in the photos and video?
Note the 11m / 36ft stern section with owners’ deckhouse
will be attached to the hull soon 

Main specifications

Aquarius II | Royal Huisman project 408 | type: Performance Ketch | length: 65m / 212ft | owners’ project manager: Godfrey Cray | naval architecture + exterior styling: Dykstra Naval Architects | interior design: Mark Whiteley Design | construction: Alustar® aluminum | rig + handling: Rondal carbon rig + Integrated Sailing System | Learn more about Aquarius II at this website > yachts > under construction [link]

“…to achieve the required increase in interior spaces and taking into account a mast height of 64m / 210ft, led us to an overall length of 61m / 200ft with a plumb bow, bowsprit, submarine anchors, lifting keel and a main mast of 64m / 210ft. This was starting to look like it ticked all the boxes. However a final check with the port authority in Panama informed us they were no longer entertaining  a heeled-state transit under the bridge.

Oooops !!!

In further consultation, the owner re-stated that he wanted no compromise to the sailing performance and therefore we should make no concessions for Panamax. He also reiterated his preference for a spoon bow on similar lines to AQI. No longer constrained by mast height, and with a spoon bow and no bowsprit, we pushed the length out to 65m / 213ft…”

Godfrey Cray


Answers and insights

Godfrey Cray is the owner’s project manager on his third Royal Huisman build after 58m / 190ft Ngoni, 56m / 184ft Aquarius and now 65m / 212ft Aquarius II. Inhuis asked for his responses to various questions because, while not all readers will see ‘a larger version of the same yacht’ as the most exciting story, we believe they will find much to interest them in these aspects of the project. Please find the article at this website > news > inhuis stories & updates [link]