In pictures: trials for Royal Huisman project 403


In pictures: trials for Royal Huisman project 403

The 58.5m / 192ft motoryacht PHI, under power and turning heads: developed and constructed to remain below 500GT, she is by far the longest motoryacht in this category, worldwide, based on current Classification rules.


PHI – length overall: 58.5m / 192ft – gross tonnage: below 500 GT – hull and superstructure: aluminium – general concept, exterior design & interior layout: Cor D. Rover – interior design: Lawson Robb – naval architecture: Van Oossanen Naval Architects – project management / owner’s representative: Guy Booth – builder: Royal Huisman (2021)

“With such a powerful vision, a demand for the absolute highest level of quality available anywhere and such difficult engineering challenges, Royal Huisman were clearly the best partner to build the boat.”

Guy Booth –  Owner’s representative and project management

PHI: 20+ knots during second trial on the North Sea (wind: Bft 5 and waves up to 1.4m / 5ft). PHI’s normal cruising speed is 12 knots and her maximum is over 22 knots.

“As a naval architect you are always looking to make something more efficient, more comfortable. One of the first things you learn about as a naval architect is the length / displacement ratio. If you make a boat longer without making it heavier it becomes so much more efficient and more comfortable. It improves all aspects.” explains Perry van Oossanen, PHI’s naval architect, during The Superyacht Forum 2021.

“PHI is 30% more efficient than a traditional 500GT motor yacht. I hope this new hull shape is more than a niche, it’s a new direction for the market. In order to gain the reductions in greenhouse gases we need to achieve, it could be a valuable step.” Perry van Oossanen adds.

Guy Booth continues: “At 22 knots you can barely hear the engines anywhere inside. You wouldn’t know you were moving unless you looked out of the window. Something of this size moving at 22 knots in silence was quite weird. It feels like you are stationary until you look out of the window and see everything flying past.”

PHI departs from Vollenhove

Royal Huisman project 403, PHI, has departed from the shipyard’s newbuild facilities in Vollenhove and is on her way to Royal Huisman Amsterdam to start sea trials. See the video and more photos in the annouoncement dated 26 October 2021 “PHI departs from Vollenhove” at this website: News > Announcements [click here]

PHI and the Golden Ratio

PHI is a magnificently sensuous motor yacht from the drawing board of Cor D. Rover, who has based the general concept, exterior design and interior layout on many in-depth conversations with the owner over a period of years. Relating inside and outside to the ”sectio divina” or the Golden Ratio, PHI is the formula that governs the continuation of dimensions and shapes in natural proportions throughout the design. Read much more about PHI’s design philosophy in the press release “PHI: the world’s longest motoryacht below 500GT” at this website: News > Announcements  [click here]

Complementing motoryacht PHI will be a 36m / 118ft shadow vessel, PHI Phantom, which is constructed at Alia Yachts. Carrying the same DNA as her bigger “beauty queen” sister, PHI Phantom is the hard working sibling. Both will have Cor D. Rover styling and a patented Van Oossanen Fast Displacement Hull, but her “make-up” will be a no-filler-matt-finish (albeit in the same color scheme as her big show-off sister).

“PHI would need to be a 90m project in order to deliver the same functions on board one yacht”

“PHI Phantom has been built to carry a 12m / 39ft and 14m / 46ft tender, an 8m / 26ft sailing boat, six jet skis, a car and 60,000 litres of surplus fuel for the mothership, as well as bicycles, motorbikes, spare parts and a vast amount of storage and refrigeration.”

A report into the support vessel concept: “Are two boats better value than one?” Read much more in this article by The Superyacht Owner Report at this website: News > Inhuis [click here]

“Just take a look at our two current motoryacht projects: project 403, PHI, and project 406, a unique 52m / 171ft sportfish yacht. The individual aspirations and challenges of each of these projects were seen to be well outside the comfort zone by some yards.” comments Jan Timmerman (CEO Royal Huisman):

Read more in the annouoncement dated 22 July 2021 “PHI is ready to shine” at this website: News > Announcements [click here]