During 30 years of International Superyacht Society's Design Awards


During 30 years of International Superyacht Society's Design Awards

Fort Lauderdale, 27 October 2021

The ISS Retrospective Awards Celebration at the Lauderdale Yacht Club honors the companies and individuals that deserve recognition for their amazing contributions to yachting over the years. With over 21 wins with 13 different vessels, Royal Huisman has been named “Best in Sail” over the course of ISS’ 30 years of awards:

1994 Best Sail 36m+ Juliet – 1995 Best Sail 36m+ Borkumriff III – 1997 Best Sail 36m+ Anakena – 1997 Best Sail Interior Anakena – 1999 Best Sail Interior – Hyperion – 1999 Best Sail 36m+ Hyperion – 2001 Best Sail 23m-36m Unfurled – 2003 Best Sail 36m+ Borkumriff IV – 2004 Best Sail Interior Maria Cattiva – 2004 Best Sail 36m+ Maria Cattiva – 2005 Best Sail Interior Athena – 2005 Best Sail 36m + Athena – 2011 Best Overall Interior Twizzle – 2011 Best Sail 40m+ Twizzle – 2013 Best Sail 24m-40m Pumula – 2015 Best Overall Interior Elfje – 2015 Best Sail 40m+ Elfje – 2018 Best Overall Interior Ngoni – 2018 Best Sail 40m+ Ngoni – 2019 Best Overall Interior Aquarius – 2019 Best Sail 40m+ Aquarius (cover photo)

ISS about the “Best in Sail” category of the 2021 L’Élite De La Société:

“Royal Huisman continues to strive to make what is good, even better, and constantly looks to implement innovative ways to remain at the forefront of edgy and technologically-advanced design, engineering and production.”


Royal Huisman’s CEO Jan Timmerman commented in his acceptance speech: “It’s unfortunate that we cannot be together physically, but I’m happy to connect via the digital highway!

It is not easy to be objective about the quality of your own work, so we are grateful to independent juries for providing an unbiased measure of achievement. The team at Royal Huisman is therefore very thrilled and proud to have been named “Best in Sail” over the course of ISS’ 30 years of awards.

We are grateful to our industry peers for frequently choosing the unique Royal Huisman sailing yachts – from Juliet up to Aquarius – to win in various categories. On behalf of our clients, the architects of their yachts and our team I would like to say that we are all very honored with 21 awards throughout the years.

At the same time – though we have received more than a fair share of such recognition – we are not planning to lean back following this success: we will never forget that a shipyard is only as good as its next boat. Of course we are sincerely looking forward to help expanding this list in the next 30 years by realizing several more Royal Huisman sailing and motor yachts, which will be deemed unique in conception, quality and execution. Yachts that will be rare, beyond comparison.

Looking at 30 years of “International Superyacht Society Awards”, we would like to thank the team who has been organizing and driving these events since 1991.”



Please find below the winner’s video (22 minutes) of the 2021 Retrospective Awards Celebration ” L’Élite De La Société” – The coverage of Royal Huisman including the acceptance speech by Jan Timmerman starts at 8m26s:

Organisations such as the International Superyacht Society Awards, the World Superyacht Awards and their expert, independent juries help to provide an unbiased measure of achievement. An overview of awards can be found at this website: Yachts > Awards [click here]