“Only a sailboat builder has the know-how and ambition to execute miracles on a square inch.” These are the words of Cor D. Rover


“Only a sailboat builder has the know-how and ambition to execute miracles on a square inch.” These are the words of Cor D. Rover


…responsible for the general concept, exterior design and interior layout of the Royal Huisman newbuild motoryacht PHI. The sleek hull and low volume of this 58.5m / 192ft project presented exceptional engineering challenges.

Video about unique motoryacht PHI, Project 403: concept to fulfilment (14mins). High performance and exceptional fuel efficiency: PHI’s installed main engine power is capable of achieving over 22 knots. In theory she could go much faster, but the client’s brief has always been focused on energy efficiency and therefore the propulsion power is by no means maximized.


“We spoke with most of the pedigree shipyards: we were frustrated to be told ‘you can’t do that’ and so the idea of a sailing boat builder came in. Because one of the things that became obvious in building a 500GT boat without compromising the systems required to operate it, was the need to get ten pounds of stuff into a five pound sack.

So we approached Royal Huisman and the response we got from the very first day was: We don’t understand, we don’t know what you are talking about, we’ve never done something like this before. But we’re absolutely certain we can. Considering all our ‘strange requests’ that was a refreshing approach from Royal Huisman.”

Guy Booth, owner’s representative and project manager of PHI


Royal Huisman’s reputation is largely built on a superlative portfolio of over thirty innovative low-profile sailing superyachts. From classic to contemporary, overall length upto 90m+ / 300ft+, every single beauty is unique, tailor-made. Yet the legendary passion for perfection, expertise, quality, flexibility and continuous innovation behind these projects is not limited to sailing yachts.

Just consider Project 403, PHI, and our current motoryacht project 406, a unique 52m / 171ft sportfish yacht that will also become the largest of its kind in the world. The individual aspirations and challenges of both of these projects were well outside the comfort zone of many other yards. Benefitting from expert advice, both owners took their highly distinctive visions to Royal Huisman, where these fresh opportunities for creative problem-solving and innovation were enthusiastically welcomed.

Royal Huisman Project 406: “The World’s Largest True Sportfish Yacht”


Here are two good examples of the ‘edge’ Royal Huisman has to offer.  Firstly, the expertise we have acquired from our unrivalled 60 years’ of experience with aluminium constructions. This enables us to maximise performance and efficiency through compact, lightweight and high strength engineering. Second, our ability to design and install complex operational systems in restricted volume hull areas provides the owner with more net space for amenities and further increases efficiency.

Add to that a can-do mentality, seeking to optimize and enhance the ideas of the owner, their architects and designers, rather than trying to persuade them to scale back their ambitions to what the shipyard is accustomed to delivering. We think that’s a pretty good combination!

Motoryacht Project 406 at Royal Huisman’s newbuild facility in Vollenhove


The design and styling of any Royal Huisman yacht normally starts with a blank sheet on which the first lines of a new masterpiece are drafted. Partnering with your designer of choice you can start dreaming, because we can build it, we can realize your dream!

Why not experience a ‘live’ or ‘digital’ tour of both our shipyard locations? You can see at first hand the unique benefits of Royal Huisman’s (and sister company Rondal’s) purpose-built facilities extending to a combined area of 42,000 sqm / 452,100 sqft to view.

This rewarding “no-obligations” tour is available to existing clients who want to re-familiarise themselves, as well as to new clients keen to see Royal Huisman’s renowned capabilities before committing to a project Take this opportunity to see inhouse skills, inspect the projects under construction, meet our team, and speak to us about your yachting plans and ideas – it has never been easier!


Royal Huisman’s reputation has been largely built on a superlative portfolio of thirty-plus low-profile sailing superyachts. From classic to contemporary, from 30m to 90m+ / 100ft  to 300ft+, every one is unique, tailor-made. An overview of all Huisman yachts and craft built since 1884 can be found on this website: yachts > delivered yachts > all Huisman craft since 1884 [link]

The “Royal” warrant: an accolade that is earned, not given