Why build at Royal Huisman?


Why build at Royal Huisman?

You have decided to commission the construction of your new superyacht. Now, you need to decide who will build this ultimate dream for you. There are many factors to consider, and three that stand out are:

Quality, location, and culture

Quality, because there is no substitute for excellence, consistency and lasting value, for the possibly most substantial investment that you are ever likely to make.

Location and culture, because ease of access, and a rewarding experience that extends beyond the confines of the shipyard, are pivotal to enjoying a truly fulfilling build process.

Taking delivery of your own custom superyacht and sailing her to the destinations of your dreams ranks as one of life’s most fulfilling experiences. And with the right choice of yard and location, the process of building her can come a close second. Building a custom yacht takes time, so it is time that should be enjoyed to the full – participating in the realisation of your dream, building relationships with the people who bring that dream to life and, at the same time, discovering the cultural and environmental riches of the country of build.

Beyond the ease of access from Schiphol international airport, the area around Royal Huisman’s headquarters in Vollenhove is among the most picturesque in Holland, offering a wealth of natural and cultural attractions. All this, in addition to an industry-leading superyacht shipyard, makes for a winning combination.

The area around Royal Huisman is amoung the most picturesque in Hollland with a wealth of scenic and cultural attractions


  • REPAIRING NETS IN URK: the charming harbor is one of Holland’s best known fishing villages – 25 minutes from Royal Huisman
  • SKYLINE OF KAMPEN: renowed for its lovingly preserved old town centre – 15 minutes from Royal Huisman
  • SCHOKLAND: once a tiny island before the 1955 land reclamation; today a World Heritage Site – 15 minutes from Royal Huisman
  • GIETHOORN: famous as “the Venice of the North” with over 150 bridges, endless canals and countless “voet” paths – 12 minutes from Royal Huisman
  • DE LINDENHOF: a Relais & Châteaux, 2-star Michelin restaurant & lodge nestled in scenic canal side gardens and ranked as one of the best in Holland – 12 minutes from Royal Huisman. Read more about De Lindenhof via this link (click here)
  • BLOKZIJL: a picturesque medieval village famous for its fortified lock – 8 minutes from Royal Huisman
  • WEERRIBBEN: a 35 km2 nature reserve forming one of the most important wetland areas in Europe – 7 minutes from Royal Huisman
  • DUTCH DELIGHTS: cut flowers and bulbs from fertile reclaimed land in the Noordoostpolder, cultivated for worldwide export – 6 minutes from Royal Huisman

Royal Huisman Vollenhove is located in a very special part of Holland.

All this and fine yacht building, too!

  • SAILING PUNT ON BEULAKERWIEDE: the largest recreational lake in the province, teeming with fish and birdlife – 4 minutes from Royal Huisman
  • OLD RUITENBORGH: a stately estate preserved as a heritage landmark – 3 minutes from Royal Huisman
  • A NATION OF ICE SKATERS: the region around Vollenhove offers sport for every season – 0 minutes from Royal Huisman
  • THE ROYAL HUIISMAN SHIPYARD: located in a very special part of Holland. All this and fine yacht building, too!

Vollenhove has another unique element; one that can’t be photographed and taken home…

It is the people that make both the region and the shipyard so special. “People here have a sense of pride and community,” notes a well-respected observer from abroad. “Just look at the homes, the gardens, the windows – they’re immaculate and well cared for. This same care and attention is how our team approach their work in their daily lives. We are nothing but bricks and mortar without our people,” says a Royal Huisman’s representative, “and we do our best to provide them with the best resources at our disposal. I’ll never forget when our client for Juliet came to the shipyard as he considered where to build his dream yacht. ‘This place is like Santa’s workshop. This is where I want to build.’ I would only add that Santa is nothing without his helpers.”

The Spirit of Individuality

Some names need no introduction. To anyone who ever genuinely considered acquiring a luxury super yacht, references to Royal Huisman as the builder of those finest and most distinctive yachts in the regatta or marina will be a familiar experience.

When admiring the build quality and attention to design detail on a particular yacht, the reply from its owner or crew “It’s a Huisman!” is virtually regarded as self-explanatory. Royal Huisman yachts are deemed unique in conception, quality and execution. Yachts that are rare, beyond compare.

So, what is left to add? Perhaps just this

Royal Huisman continues to strive to make what is good, even better, and constantly looks to implement innovative ways to remain at the forefront of edgy and technologically-advanced design, engineering and production.

Discover the shipyard via the Royal Huisman website [click on the links below]:

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