WING 100

The unveiling of WING 100 celebrates the arrival of an entirely new megayacht category, say its creators...

WING 100

21 September 2022
The unveiling of WING 100 celebrates the arrival of an entirely new megayacht category, say its creators...

…Royal Huisman, Dykstra Naval Architects and Mark Whiteley Design. This 100m / 330ft ground-breaking concept expressly focuses on the highest standards of environmental sustainability with proven technology for worldwide reliability. Its advanced systems platform easily accommodates future technological advances and regulatory requirements.

The innovative, aluminum-hulled WING 100 is a true sailing yacht – not a heavy sail assisted motor yacht – yet one with an important difference. She can be easily and securely handled and quickly deployed without the least fuss or drama. WING 100 has been conceived not only to appeal to sailing yacht owners, but to provide the perfect cross-over for motor yacht owners who want to minimize their environmental footprint by reducing the weight of their yacht, but retain the highest standards of amenity and comfort.

These benefits – and many others – arise because WING 100 is no ‘normal’ supersized sailing yacht: she has a highly advanced rig by Rondal. The wing masts have airfoil profiles; are free standing, and rotate to provide very powerful, integrated airfoils with the sails. The shape of the airfoil can easily and remotely be adjusted to maximize or reduce power. Being free-standing, the wing masts have no standing rigging or associated deck clutter, maximizing safe, clean amenity space on deck. The wing masts are easily and safely remote-controlled to ensure fast, energy-efficient sailing, providing a comfortable experience for all onboard.


To put the WING 100 concept into perspective: she is a true sailing yacht that will properly earn her ranking among the world’s top ten sailing yachts, along with Royal Huisman builds ATHENA and SEA EAGLE II; soon to be joined by the exciting new 85m / 280ft New World Sloop, PROJECT 410, currently under construction in Vollenhove. The supersized and highly innovative WING 100 would not only be a top-tier yacht in this elite group, but would also become the acknowledged pioneer among the even more prestigious ‘true’ supersized sailing yachts.

Royal Huisman is the only shipyard in the world with the expertise, infrastructure and continued technological evolution required to build the largest and most advanced of the top ten true sailing yachts. The range of new technologies applied by the shipyard to maximize the energy efficiency of WING 100 will bring substantial advantages to the owner – and not just while exploring the outer corners of our vulnerable planet.

WING 100 and a high performance foiling boat: one picture worth a thousand words


The combination of the concept’s pioneering board systems and advanced wing mast rig, alone, qualifies WING 100 as a defining breakthrough in mega yacht design. A host of additional smart refinements ensure that WING 100 can also claim distinction as the world’s most innovative sailing yacht – a role model for the industry. “Watch this space” to see these technologies develop through the mega yacht and superyacht sectors and, almost certainly, be embraced by wind-assisted cargo sailing ships, too. And that is why this significant project stands to benefit the whole planet.

WING 100 offers the perfect platform for a visionary owner looking to minimize footprint. The concept is well advanced towards fully sustainable technology and Royal Huisman expertise is on hand to ensure the owner realizes the full potential of his or her dreams.

Royal Huisman supersized sailing yachts: SEA EAGLE II (81m / 266ft), PROJECT 410 (85m / 280ft) and ATHENA (90m / 295ft). WING 100 (100m / 330ft) would be a top-tier yacht in this elite group.

Editor’s notes featuring: 

  • Main specifications
  • Eco-focus and  fast, easy handling: wing mast rig is the answer
  • Fresh and dramatic looks
  • Generous and bespoke accommodation
  • More eco credentials
  • Who could build such a ground-breaking superyacht?

The editor’s notes can be found in the full press release: click here (opens new tab).

“A dramatically innovative Royal Huisman concept that redefines supersized sailing yachts – delivering unprecedented performance, amenity, easy handling and energy efficiency.”

“The emergence of sailing yachts on this scale, with the level of energy efficiency and eco-responsibility offered by WING 100, would have been unthinkable just a decade ago.

The team is incredibly excited to be at the forefront of this conceptual revolution. We look forward to applying our renowned innovation and engineering skills to the realization of this highly ambitious project – creating the fourth and largest Royal Huisman build yet in the global top 10 of supersized sailing yachts.”

Royal Huisman CEO Jan Timmerman

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Energy-saving and green energy features in more detail

Thanks to her efficient and easy to deploy rig, WING 100 will consume less than 20% of the energy required by an equivalent-sized conventionally powered motor yacht on passage.

Under sail, 200kW can be produced by the hydro generator equivalent to over 40,000 liters / year fuel saving.

480m2 / 5167ft2 of solar panels are integrated on the carbon Rondal masts to generate 250kW / day equivalent to a further savings of over 20,000 liters / year.

The main sails and staysails of the wing mast rig can be set in few minutes making sailing the easy choice. This results in 750kW average power saving, equivalent to over 166,000 liters/year.

The electrical system provides for flexible and economical electric propulsion when under power, saving more energy.

The system of WING 100 is calculated to save in total over 225,000 liters of fuel per year compared with similar sized, conventional engine-powered mega yachts.

More features and background information about WING 100 can be found in the editor’s notes in the full press release: click here (opens new tab).